Critique of the Philosophic Ideal State: Lessons for Underperforming Leaders

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good political society
absolute monarch
philosopher king
mixed regime


This study examines the elements of a good and desirable society from the perspectives of Plato, Aristotle and Hobbes. The paper observes that the challenging conditions in which most countries currently find themselves are similar to what obtained during Plato’s era. Plato considers the Aristocratic state governed by well-edu- cated individuals as the best form of government. For Aristotle, an institutionally mixed regime is the best form of administration. For Hobbes, a sovereign head with absolute power should administer the state. In the current era generally, and in African states in particular, most governments appear incapable of successfully managing and administering their territories. Therefore, this paper will consider the kinds of political systems that can become models of good governance for socio-politically and economically challenged countries.