The Matrix of Resonance

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matrix of resonance
metaphysical energy
metaphysical trove of energy
space-and-time-defying instantaneity
ubiquitous instantiate


All metaphysical works, in the history of philosophy, that dealt one way or another with energy painted for us a picture in which humanity is seen to stand as discreet, separate, helpless, hope bereft, beleaguered and belligerent instance of the living conscious energy in the face of the inordinate, inanimate, and untold vastness of the cosmic energy. Our relation to the impersonal vastness of cosmic energy by Schopenhauer’s light is but suffering fatally from two incurable defects which he linked to Achilles with a vulnerable heel and or to the devil with the horse’s hoof (Schopenhauer 1887). In chime with this line of argument, the Stoics stance has it to say that humanity’s choice in the face of the cosmic energy is either accepting it with dignity or doing away with oneself, (Palmer 1998). Almost a couple millennia later the Stoic’s resolve for suicide was taken up and given a fresh shot by Albert Camus who noted that in a situation wherein humans demand for meaning and significance can never be met, the only way out is suicide, (Camus 1942). Nietzsche kept Schopenhauer com- pany in his understanding that this world is a prodigious empire of meaninglessness, suffering and striving driven along by an irrational force. However, Nietzsche went radical as he argues emphatically that we must live our lives to the fullest. And the key to do this is putting into effect the perpetual elimination of the weak by the strong, the idiot by the clever and the incompetent by the competent, (Magee 2000, Nietzsche 2002). In light of these problems, this study confers upon itself the objective of examining the metaphysical relation- ship between the cosmic and conscious energy and come up with a new view that would address the gap and overcome the shortcomings the perspectives thus far reviewed suffer from. Accordingly this study unearthed that we are not separate, helpless, hopeless, powerless, disconnected, beings that live and lead their lives in fear of the incalculable threat of extinction from the untold vastness of cosmic energy. Far from this, we are connected with the rest of the cosmic energy in the plenum dubbed matrix of resonance.