Safeguarding Democracy in the Aftermath of COVID-19 through Digital Technologies

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Public Health
Digital Democracy


The world recently witnessed an outbreak of a disease identified as SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 which has resulted in a pandemic. Consequently, many political leaders have taken drastic measures such as the restriction of citizens’ personal and civil liberties to counter the pandemic. These restrictions pose serious challenges to democracy as elections and citizens’ political participation have been negatively affected in a number of countries. Although the recent development of vaccines and decline in infection rates may suggest an end in sight, yet, democracy may not remain the same after COVID-19. Hence, in this paper, I explore the prospects and limitations of digital democracy as a tool for safeguarding democratic rights and public safety simultaneously. I further argue that since democracy may not remain the same after COVID-19, there is the need for democratic states to leverage on digital technologies to enhance democratic participation in the aftermath of the pandemic.